Eisegeting Romans 1

Pr. Donavan Riley presents us with Preston Sprinkle's examination  four ways liberal churches try to get around what the New Testament says about homosexual behavior here, and here, and here, and here.

Worth reading no matter which side of what I see as a kind of bogus debate you're on. If you want the Bible not to teach what it clearly teaches about anything- and the Bible's teaching about homosexuality is completely consistent in every stratum of both Testaments- then it's always possible to torture the text to the point where it screams what you want it to say.

It's called "eisegesis." Studying the text on its own terms, in order to get what it intends to say out o it rather than to impose what you want it to say upon it is called "exegesis." Honest Bible scholars- and interpreters of any kind- prefer the latter.


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