Herod would be happy to hear this

"Ethicists" associated with Oxford University seem to have finally accepted that there is no moral difference between children who have been born and children who haven't yet.

They say that human beings in both categories are "ethically irrelevant," and that it's OK to kill them.

Just as gay and lesbian groups are now claiming "discrimination" when parochial schools decline to enroll actively gay students after assuring us that they would never interfere with the right of churches to conduct their affairs in agreement with their own theological convictions, the left is also beginning, it seems, to abandon its feigned horror at the suggestion that abortion is the ethical equivalent of infanticide. Now at least some sick few want both to be legal.

And we're hearing the opening salvos in the battle to extend the legal definition of marriage to groups of more than two people- again, just like we were told we were crazy or predicting would happen if marriage were redefined to include same-sex couples.

Two takeaways: first, this is just one more indication of how depraved our society has become, and how close to the city limits of Hell the handbasket in which Western civilization is traveling has approached. And secondly, a lesson we should have learned long ago: never take expressions of moral horror by the cultural left seriously.

(Painting: The Massacre of the Innocents, by Lucas Cranach the Elder)


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