Ignore the polls. It's not going to be close.

It's written by a liberal in a liberal paper, but here's a pretty good explanation of why you shouldn't believe that because the polls are close at the moment and Rasmussen has him winning by five points he's going to escape being buried alive this November.

Rasmussen's methods have given them a track record of overestimating the Republican vote, and their methodology this time out leads to conclusions that are almost funny. Hillary is not going to get less than half of the non-white vote, and The Donald isn't going to come anywhere near 23% of the Hispanic vote! And once the Democratic propaganda machine that did such a number on better men like John McCain and Mitt Romney is done with this clown, he's going to wish he'd never embarked on this ego trip.

The real thing to worry about is the Democrats retaking one or both houses of Congress. But only twice in our history ha either party won four straight elections. Trump will be such an enormous drag on the ticket that losing Congress is quite possible.

Hillary will be rather elderly in 2020. She's already crazy unpopular- unpopular enough that she'd be a sure loser against almost anybody other than Donald Trump. We can ride out four years of Hillary. Help is on the way in 2020. And who knows? The Supreme Court may even still be salvageable.!

But Hillary is going to win, it's not going to be close- and don't panic at the prospect of four years of Hillary Clinton. The Republic will survive it far more easily than the abject failure Trump would be as president, and the stain it would put on our nation's soul to elect him.


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