I'm disappointed in Joni Ernst

Readers of this blog know how highly I think of my junior U.S. senator, Joni Ernst. I worked for her election two years ago and have always believed that she could well be a future president.

But she says that if he's the Republican nominee, she'll support Donald Trump. This disappoints me even more than her failure to take a stand during the battle for the nomination when her voice was needed her to stand up against Il Duce's hostile takeover of the party.

Worse, she's even being spoken of as a potential running-mate for Trump. Her support of the man makes me question my own future support of her; I can't see myself getting behind anybody who could get behind Donald Trump. And if the ticket is Trump/Ernst, that would remove all doubt

Joni Ernst would be politically dead to me. The same is true, btw, of Marco Rubio and John Kasich. And whoever else Trump might pick, and who would consent to run with him.


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