"It profits a man nothing....."

If you have any doubt about how toxic Donald Trump is and will continue to be for conservatism in general, just consider what he's already done to compromise and co-opt social conservatism, rendering it diluted divided, prostituted, and irrelevant.

Props to the author for one of the finest paragraphs on the subject on Donald Trump yet, a paragraph that speaks for me, as well,  in every detail.

Well, actually a paragraph and a sentence:

Barring some earth-shaking change of events that involves Saint Michael and the Four Horsemen, I’m not voting for president this year. I do my best not to cooperate with evil and evil is all that is on the top ballot spot for both major political parties. The extant third parties are so loonie that I’ll not cast a vote an inadvertently be responsible for giving them permanent ballot access. In a year that should have been a triumph for conservatives of all stripes, a year in which we filled the primaries with some of the most qualified, thoughtful, articulate, and conservative candidates in the history of the republic, we have seen the GOP hijacked by an unrepentant charlatan.

What has been more disgraceful is seeing people that I’ve supported selling their integrity as though it was a Blue Light Special at K-Mart… only cheaper.

It profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and lose his own soul. But a goodly portion of the leadership of Evangelical America has done the deal as a Blue Light Special.

Only cheaper


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