Nebraska GOP out to intimidate Sasse into silence

Sen. Ben Sasse has had the patriotism and the courage to push for a third party candidacy to give decent folks a choice other than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. For this, the Nebraska Republican party is on the verge of censuring him. The movement is being pushed by the family of the person Sen. Deb Fischer, whose brother was an aide to the man Sen. Sasse defeated in the primary for the seat he now holds.

The resolution uses the naive excuse that a third party candidacy would ensure the election of Hillary Clinton- already a certainty- and thus result in liberals being appointed to the Supreme Court. This is nonsense since Trump has displayed neither an understanding or appreciation for basic concepts of conservative jurisprudence like original intent, and in fact holds up his own sister- a radical, pro-choice judge- as his example of the kind of justice he'd like to appoint. Further, Trump's nomination virtually guarantees that the Republicans will lose the Senate, making any decent Trump appointment (in the unlikely event that he is in a position to make one and would be inclined to do so if he was) impossible to confirm.

The Trump candidacy has been a test. True conservatives like Sen. Sasse are standing their ground. People like Breitbart, Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, David Horowitz, and others are displaying their willingness to sell out and support a quasi-fascist with no conservative credentials whatsoever. The result is a schism that it's hard to see being healed after Trump's defeat this November. Many, like myself, have already left the Republican party over the prospective Trump nomination; whether the split happens this year or not, the division Trump has caused is so deep that I have a great deal of difficulty seeing it ever being healed.

Which is a good thing. We do not need the kind of people who supported Trump in a conservative party. They bring the very word into disrepute. The one favor Trump has done is to make it clear in future years, as a new conservative party is being born, who real conservatives can trust and who they cannot.

I, for one, trust Sen. Sasse. I do not trust Sen. Fisher or any other politician who sides with Il Duce.

Caricature by DonkeyHotey


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