Symphony: If you have a blog, check it out!

You may have noticed the banner at the top of the page and the social media links on the left side, which are not standard Blogger widgets. They're from a service called Symphony, which is a nice tool for us bloggers, and a versatile one.

Blog widgets some and blog widgets go. I"m still in mourning for Blogrolling, which made linking to other blogs one finds useful so much easier and efficient. And I was delighted with Networked Blogs, the free utility which enabled blog posts to be automatically shared to Facebook and Twitter.

Alas, such things cost money and Networked Blogs has ridden off into the sunset. But Symphony, its replacement, is an upgrade. After a free trial you have to pay for it, but it includes links on your blog to social media and a banner (like the one above) with a specialized link to the web page of your choice, as well as a range of other tools which go far beyond simply automatically posting your blogging to social media.

Obviously, I liked free better. But the service is still very helpful. I get a great deal f traffic from Facebook and Twitter, and Symphony makes it possible.

I do wish Symphony would go back to Network Bogs' practice of posting a screen shot of the blog along with the link you one's post if there was no picture in the post itself. That little blue box in the white field is kind of ugly. Since I have two blogs, I also wish it were perhaps possible to get a discount on the second one, or maybe even get unlimited blogs for a single price. I have no idea o what the economics of this might be, but I would find it helpful.

But still, if you have a blog, check Symphony out. IAs I mentioned, it  provides a variety services besides the ones I use here, and while I can't actually quote the pricing schedule right off my head, it's not expensive. You even get a free trial- and, as you've probably guessed by now, a free year if you write a review on your blog! ;)


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