Texas DA's affidavit shows that her office colluded with Planned Parenthood in the video case

The guilty parties have admitted to illegally conspiring to transfer an investigation into from Planned Parenthood's baby chop shop business to pro-life journalists David Dalieden and Sandra Merritt, who sought to expose it.

Assistant District Attorney Sunni Mitchell admitted deceiving Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in order to share evidence against Planned Parenthood with attorneys for the abortion provider. Paxton had ordered the Harris County District Attorney to conduct an investigation into allegations, supported by videos made by Dalieden and Harris, that Planned Parenthood was illegally selling pieces of aborted fetuses for profit and designing abortion procedures so as to ensure the saleability of organs. Paxton had specifically ordered the District Attorney's office not to share evidence with Planned Parenthood. But the DA disobeyed the order, and Planned Parenthood attorney Josh Schaffer says he then "suggested" to the District Attorney's office that rather than following the Attorney General's instructions the DA's office investigate Dalieden, Merrit, and the Center for Medical Progress. That "suggestion" was followed, and Daleiden and Merritt rather than Planned Parenthood or its officers were indicted.

Schaffer said that he was informed by the District Attorney's office that no investigation of Planned Parenthood ever took place.

Harris County District Attorney Devin Anderson admitted to breaking the law by making the indictments of Dalieden and Merritt public before they were served or arrested. She downplayed the violation as "technical" and "inconsequential." The admissions came in an affidavit filed by Anderson in opposition to a motion to quash the indictments against Dalieden and Merritt.

In 2013, Anderson protected an abortionist accused of murdering an infant born alive and subsequently killed despite video and photographic evidence of his having done so. The doctor was represented by a close friend of Harris who had contributed to her campaign. Mitchell also has close ties to the pro-choice community. Questions have consistently been raised by attornies for Dalieden and Merrit as to the ability of either to conduct an unbiased investigation.The admissions came during proceedings to quash the indictments against Dalieden and Mitchell.

But the farce may not be over. The judge overseeing the hearing on the motion to quash the indictments against Dalieden and Merritt is Brock Davis, DA Mitchell's former law partner.


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