The bottom line: Michael Medved nails it on Trump

The evidence—especially the man's own pronouncements—suggests that Trump would most likely be a disaster in every regard, The risks of Trump himself utterly shredding the Constitution seem to me more formidable than the risks of Clinton-appointed justices to the Supreme Court doing that sort of damage.      

--Michael Medved

Meanwhile, a summer reading suggestion for conservatives (or anyone else) planning to vote for Trump: Phillip Roth's The Plot Against America.

And here's an article by Fred Barnes on the relative handful of prominent conservative intellectuals who are supporting Trump, and a reply to their arguments.

In other news, William Kristol tweeted over the weekend a "heads up" that there will indeed be an independent conservative candidate for president this Fall, and that he will be an "impressive" one with a first-rate team and "a real chance."

Something tells me it might be Mitt Romney.