The numbers say that a conservative third party could actually win

Here's an intriguing article by Josiah Peterson at The Federalist on how a conservative third party candidate could actually win the presidency.

Yes, that's what I said. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the most unpopular pair of nominees in recent history. Republican donors are staying away from Trump in droves. And the guy Peterson mentions most prominently as the presidential candidate- former Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn- is a guy I'd support with time and enthusiasm and what money I could spare.

But the new party is going to have to make its move quickly.  The filing date for Texas has already passed (though there seems to be a consensus that a legal challenge to get a new party on the ballot there would probably be successful) and the deadlines for several other large states are approaching in early June. Mark Cuban has already turned town Mitt Romney's attempt to recruit him to run, saying that while it "would have been fun," it's too late.

It's not. But there isn't a day to waste. I think Mitt needs to be talking to Tom Coburn, and this show needs to get on the road.

Take a look at the numbers Peterson presents. The potential for a strong third party run is clearly there. Victory is unlikely but hardly impossible. And at the very least, a run by Coburn or someone else would give decent folks a better alternative than Hillary and Il Duce. It would also save the soul of the conservative movement and maybe in a strange second-hand way even the Republican party. And who knows? It could win- and I'd feel a hell of a lot better with Tom Coburn in the White House than with either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. And the nation would be in much better hands.


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