Trump isn't bringing new people into the GOP after all, it seems

You now how the Trumpbots are always claiming that Il Duce is bringing people into the GOP? Well, guess what.

According to the available numbers, it's not happening.

He is driving them out, though.

Meanwhile, Bill Kristol- called a "renegade Jew" in a bizarre hit piece in Breitbart by David Limbaugh, for who whom I had hitherto some respect- says that while before he'd been thinking o the new party he's working to form as the "New Federalists" or the "New Whigs," he's now leaning toward "Renegade Party."

"New Whigs" has been done. But "New Federalists" has a nice ring to it. I could get down with that.

But Kristol had better hurry up. Tom Cobern would be fine.

Caricature by DonkeyHotey


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