Trump's ugly following, and why it must not be allowed power

Twitter is a fascinating place. Talk politics- and especially about Donald Trump- on Twitter for very long these days and Trump's core constituency will come scurrying out from beneath whatever rocks they call home like so many cockroaches.

Be warned. Not only are they crazy and full of hate, but they are not from the same planet the rest of us call home. Or even the same galaxy. They have their own reality- and it has very little to do with the one we live in.

Some actually seem to imitate The Donald's juvenile habit of responding to criticism or disagreement first, last and always by character assassination and name-calling. Some even imitate his cadences and rhetorical style, incoherence and all.

Here you will find self-proclaimed fascists and anti-Semites galore, along with white supremacists of every description. They are coming out into the light now because they've been legitimized by Trump's impending nomination by the party of Abraham Lincoln. They have a special term for conservatives who do not like Trump. They call us "cuckservatives."

The "cuck" part is a shortened form of "cuckold." The term implies that we are willing to have African-American men seduce and rape our wives and daughters. When you encounter a person using that term, be aware of who- and what- you're dealing with.When you crawl into bed with Donald Trump, these are the people you're sleeping with.When you vote for Donald Trump, that is what you're making common cause with and legitimizing.

Don't be fooled. If you really and truly hate Hillary Clinton so much that you're willing to hand the White House and effectively the country to these people, well, you're entitled to the pleasure of their fellowship.

But I really can't see how any decent, normal person can have anything to do with them without wanting to take a long, hot shower.


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