What the differences between Trump and NeverTrump really come down to

Wisconsin conservative iocn Michael Gerson discusses the nature of the great Republican schism: "The Republican Party is not engaged in a policy argument; it is debating the purpose of politics."

Some people despise weakness and believe in the reign of the strong . Others despise bullies and believe in the protection of the weak. Nary the two views of power and its purpose shall meet- and that, in a nutshell, is what the argument between the Trump partisans and us NeverTrumpers is all about.

It's the bullies versus those of us who have no use for bullies. What Gerson says is what I've been saying all along: Trump is a bully, and his fellow bullies instinctively rally behind him.

And people like Gerson, and Mitt Romney, and both of the Presidents Bush, and Paul Ryan- and me- hate bullies, and so Trump makes our skin crawl.

And that's why "never" means "never."


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