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Yeah, it's shocking that any Republican could do this in November

Would you be shocked that many Republicans are planning to vote for a candidate who :

1. Not only keeps repeating that discredited but standard Democratic slander that George W. Bush knew when he invaded Iraq that there were no WMD's, but

2. Supports government-provided health care (having expressed a preference for a single-payer system), and

3. Supports raising the minimum wage and putting people in low-paying jobs out of work, and

4. Supports compulsory unisex bathrooms and is well as being to the left of most Democrats on the North Carolina bathroom law,and

5. Not only opposes defunding Planned Parenthood but praises it profusely, and

6.  Supports raising taxes, especially on the rich, and

7. Favors a protectionist position on foreign trade that would almost certainly put us back into recession, and

8. Thinks that he government seizing private property for its own purposes, including taking it away from one private owner and giving it to another,  is just great, and has made huge amounts of money from precisely such actions, and

9. Not only has never expressed an understanding for original intent or any other basic principle of conservative jurisprudence but holds up a pro-choice, socially radical judge as he ideal model for Antonin Scalia's replacement and those of several soon-to-be-retiring Supreme Court justices, and

10. Has a much weaker record on immigration than Marco Rubio, having come out for amnesty for illegal immigrants less than a year ago, and then flip-flopped to a draconian position most people are familiar with, and

11. Despite talking about building up our military strength, supports budget levels that would effectively gut our military, and all huffing and puffing aside proposes an essentially isolationist foreign policy, that would betray our commitment to our allies despite criticizing past administrations for doing precisely that, and

12. Voted twice each for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama?

Well, you should be. And inexplicably, a whole lot of Republicans are planning to vote for this person in November.

His name is Donald Trump.

You know. The guy who promises to order our men and women in uniform to commit war crimes, and wants to modify the First Amendment to make it possible for him to sue people who criticize him.

The guy who threatens his opponents with the prospect of his abusing presidential authority to get vengeance on them after he takes office.

There is no reason to think that his Supreme Court nominees would be any better than Hillary's, and his nomination makes it virtually impossible for the Republicans to retain the Senate- making it equally impossible for any decent Supreme Court nominee to be confirmed even if he appointed one. Want to bet that the guy who doesn't even understand what original intent means will hold out for four years before nominating somebody the Democratic Senate will confirm?

He would move against Speaker Paul Ryan and anyone else who gets in his way. He would transform the Republican party from a conservative party to a quasi-fascist nativist party. He runs with the open support of the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and racists of every type and description. His supporters circulate pictures of his Jewish critics in concentration camp uniforms, noting that they are residents of "Camp Trump," or inside gas chambers with a smirking Trump in a Nazi uniform operating the controls.

He is NOT better than Hillary Clinton, and anybody- especially a member of the Republican party, whose every principle he betrays- who votes for him should be ashamed of themselves. 


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