Americans dislike Trump more than Putin!

I do not, of course, agree with the token Republican on this panel. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton even to defeat Il Duce.  But while both presumptive nominees are unpopular with the electorate at a historically unprecedented level, Trump's unpopularity is now at 70%.

That doesn't translate, necessarily, into votes for Hillary. People on both sides will be voting for people they dislike. But it's worth remembering that this is an election that will almost certainly be decided by who people dislike least.

I've made this point before, but to keep things in perspective almost 70% of Republicans voted against Trump in the primaries. He is not the choice of the GOP rank-and-file by a long shot! But it was a crowded field, and he managed to consistently get more votes than any other single Republican candidate.

This will not be a crowded field. As unpopular as she is, I see no way even if she's indicted that Hillary doesn't clean the floor with Trump in November.

Which once again underscores the historic imbecility of the Republicans choosing Trump. I have my doubts about Ted Cruz, too, and maybe about Ben Carson. But any other Republican almost certainly would have beaten Hillary handily.


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