BREAKING: Charges against David Daleiden dismissed!

A Harris County, Texas judge has dismissed the charges against investigator David Dalieden, who videotaped damaging evidence against Planned Parenthood in the sale of body parts from aborted fetuses.

An indictment was brought against Dalieden when the pro-abortion District Attorney of Harris County, Devin Anderson,  disobeyed instructions from Texas Attorney General Ken  Paxton to investigate charges against Planned Parenthood and not to share evidence with the abortion provider's lawyers. An affidavit submitted by Anderson's own office shows that it colluded with Planned Parenthood attornies to indict Dalieden and the Center for Medical Progress instead.

No investigation of Planned Parenthood was ever conducted. Instead, the Harris County District Attorney's office deceived Paxton both about its failure to conduct the investigation as directed and their disobedience of his orders not to share evidence with its target.

It remains to be seen whether charges will be brought against Anderson and those in her office implicated in the deception, and whether a special prosecutor will be appointed to pursue the charges against Planned Parenthood.


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