George Will leaves the GOP- and Trump immediately validates his decision

My fellow Cub fan, George Will, has taken the step I took awhile back and changed his registration from "Republican" to "unaffiliated." Neither of us believes that we or anyone else who embraces in the ideals of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan has any place in a political party that can nominate Donald Trump for president.

Note Trump's characteristically childish response in the story linked to above. This is not the way a psychologically mature man handles criticism, and it is yet another example of why we dare not allow Trump anywhere near the Oval Office. Ironically, as has been so often the case in the past, Trump's juvenile reaction to criticism validates the very criticism he's responding to.

Mr. Will calls upon all of us who stand for what the Republican party has traditionally stood for to do anything we can to see to it that Trump is defeated this November. With the caveat that I cannot and will not vote for Hillary Clinton, I agree.

Trump is not simply a temporary aberration. What can happen once can happen again. I am glad to learn that Mr. Will- whom I deeply respect- shares my conviction that nobody who considers himself a follower of Lincoln and Eisenhower and Reagan has anything in common with somebody who can be a follower of Donald Trump, and my unwillingness to share a political affiliation with anyone who can support the man.


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