Interesting poll at National Review

National Review is doing a poll asking whether "If 30 random people in a crowded movie theater were armed -- would you feel safe or in danger?"

It's not going as I would have expected.

Unfortunately, the file  doesn't allow the graph (shown above left) to be displayed in a  size that would both fit in the frame still have legible annotations, so I'll have to supply them myself. At of the time I took the poll, as reflected in the graph,  71.95% (including me) said "in danger," 24.39% said "safe," and 3.66% said "neutral."

Given NR's audience, I suspect that will change. But I'm fascinated by the fact that so many conservatives are putting common sense above ideology even at what I suspect is an early stage of the poll.

We will never get rid of guns. But we do need to get over the crazy idea that more guns- if they're not in the hands of trained professionals- are going to make us safer. Guns don't kill people. But they do make it a hell of a lot easier for any given human being- intentionally or not- to kill somebody.

ADDENDUM: Visits to the graph page I linked to above will show that, as I expected, the crazy is coming out. The number of people who claim that they would feel safer with thirty random cowboys (who could be terrorists, robbers, serial killers or escaped mental patients for all they knew) totin' in a crowded theatre is growing quickly.

Which is simply insane. But then so is the fanatical lack of common sense with which most conservatives approach the gun issue.


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