Is it all a joke?

It has been suggested- seriously- that Donald Trump's candidacy is a Democratic plot. After all, he's a lifelong Democrat whose positions on virtually every issue were the exact opposite of his present ones less than a year ago. He voted twice each for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. He even invited the Clintons to his wedding. And after all, despite the ongoing delusion of his supporters, throughout the primary campaign the polls showed Trump as not only Hillary's weakest opponent but the only Republican she beat!

It would certainly explain a great deal if all the idiotic things Trump had said and done were part of a gambit to get Hillary elected. In fact, the wholeTrump thing is so crazy that I'm tempted to believe it. I have no doubt that Trump, tinfoil hatter that he is, would believe it if he were in my shoes. After all, he has a weakness for cockeyed conspiracy theories!

Last week a posted a video of a Jimmy Fallon spoof of "The Producers" in which instead of producing a phony musical the titular characters were political managers who planned to make a killing by managing the campaign of an obvious loser- Donald Trump- for president.

This is a variation on both themes. What if Trump's campaign, like Trump himself, is a joke?