It seems like it's been forever

Today is the one-year anniversary of Our National Embarrassment declaring his candidacy for president. And to be fair, he didn't actually say that all Mexicans- or even most- were rapists and murderers.

Just the ones who come to America. Though he assumed there were "some good people too."

A year ago I would not have believed that the nation's Republican voters would have fallen for an unstable, emotionally immature con man so totally unfit to hold high public office. I would have assumed that they would have united behind somebody- even Ted Cruz, whom I'm convinced would also have lost to Hillary Clinton- and prevented this humiliation not only to the party but to the nation.

But original sin is a powerful thing. The corruption of human nature runs deep. And we are all too vulnerable to people who appeal to what is worst in us.

This, Donald Trump has shamelessly done. Such people have always been among us, and always will be.

Our shame is that we let him get this far.

I know. It seems like forever, doesn't it? At least he'll be gone in November.

I can hardly wait. Not that the alternative is any bargain either.


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