It's Mitt Romney's duty to run

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in that order, will be the least popular and second least popular candidates ever nominated for the presidency by a major party. Both are pathological liars. One is a security risk of debatable competence. The other is a con artist of debatable competence. This is the first election in which the joke candidacy of Cthulhu will have to change its campaign slogan; R'lyeh's favorite son is now the least of the available evils!

Large segments of both parties express disgust with their party's choices. Up to a third of Republicans say that they will not vote for Donald Trump. Trump- a lifelong liberal- claims to be a conservative now but is openly and frankly moving the GOP away from conservatism. And he becomes more of an embarrassment not only to the Republican party but to the nation with every asinine comment he makes.

If there were ever a time for a third party, this is it. And there is an obvious candidate. Mitt Romney ahs looked better and better as prediction after prediction he made during the 2012 campaign has come true. At least one poll showed that if the American people had it to do over again, he'd be president today.

He is everything Clinton and Trump are not. He is presidential. He is someone who can be easily imagined in the Oval Office, conducting the affairs of the nation in its best interests rather than in his own or those of an extremist ideology.

Mitt Romney would not be a protest candidate. He could actually win. He's taken more seriously  than either of the major party candidates, as well known, and seen in a more favorable light.

He needs to run. It's his duty to America, to the heritage of the Republican party, and to the values of America. And he needs to make his move now, while there is (barely) still time.