John Trump wins

Britain has voted to leave the European Union.

On one hand, I have always personally distrusted the EU. I like the Brits much better.

On the other hand, there will be serious economic consequences as  a result of Britain deciding to leave, not only for the British but for America and for the world. They will not be pretty.

Worse, the vote represents a victory for the British version of Trumpist tribal populism, with all the dangers to Western democratic values that implies. Granted,  Nigel Farage is not an inarticulate, self-worshipping buffoon like Donald Trump. But the values he and the UKIP  represent are at least to some extent just as opposed to the values upon which Anglo-American civilization rests as the largely incoherent rubbish Trump utters.

Pray for the UK and for us all. Seeing the often-snotty Europeans get the door slammed in their faces bothers me not one bit. But passion getting the better of reason is never a good thing, whether the one inflaming it is named Farage or Trump.


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