Nate Silver agrees with me

Here's Nate Silver's take on the election over at Hillary Clinton has an 80.6% chance of winning, and Donald Trump has a 19.3% chance.

He sees the states falling pretty much as I do. He predicts 353 electoral votes for Clinton and 183.7 for Trump and 1.3 for Gary Johnson- which is odd because it would be illegal in most states to cut a living elector into pieces and there is no way other than a single elector  going rogue for anybody to get just one electoral vote, much less 1.3. Nor am I sure where he sees Johnson winning that 1.3 electors. So I'm a little puzzled by his math.

In terms of popular vote, he calls it as 48.4% for Clinton to 41.1% for Trump and 9.3% for Johnson.

Again, as the Democratic attack ads start and Trump bumbles and stumbles under closer scrutiny, I can easily see things getting worse for Trump. But not better.

Not even if she's indicted, which she won't be. The Obama administration won't allow it.


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