The Donald and the 'F" word

No, not that "F word."

I mean "fascist."

I've used the word about Donald Trump often. I think it fits. I think the failure of many well-meaning Republicans to understand how well it fits lies behind their failure to understand that, as much reason as they have to suspect and even despise Hillary Clinton, voting for Trump in order to defeat her is a mistake.

Here's a summary by Jay Nordlinger of the reasons to believe (or at least to strongly suspect) that The Donald is, in fact, something much darker than Hillary is; that he's an enemy of liberal democracy, an authoritarian, and yes, someone it would at the very least be foolish not to worry about being an outright fascist.

And certainly not a better option than even Hillary Clinton. There comes a point where even asking who represents "the lesser of two evils" becomes morally absurd. There comes a point where all the choices are so evil that it would be wrong to make any or them.

I believe that such is the case in the choice we're offered between Clinton and Trump. But even if one believes otherwise, I don't see how anybody who has seriously considered who and what Donald Trump is can blithely decide that he's a safer choice than Hillary.


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