Trump: 'I have not yet begun to make an ass of myself!'

Il Duce explains his bad and worsening status in the polls by saying that he "hasn't started yet."

Actually, he's finished. And the more he keeps on doing what he does, the deeper the hole he's going to dig for himself.

But hey, This is a step forward; he's finally acknowledging the problem. Throughout the primary campaign, the polls showed that he was the only Republican who lost to Hillary Clinton. But his supporters were in denial even then. The guy who spoke for him at our precinct caucus (thankfully to little avail) actually made the bizarre claim that he was the only one of the Republican candidates who could win!

But the handwriting has been on the wall ever since a year and a day ago when the Trumpmeister first inflicted his candidacy upon us. But this is the first time Trump (or for that matter his supporters, in my hearing) have admitted that they were not winning.

That's minor progress, and I expect multiple relapses into delusional thinking. But he is about to experience five months of very extensive therapy at the hands of a ruthless and efficient Democratic attack machine with more material to work with than in any election in recent history, and some potent shock therapy from the voters on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Graphic: DonkeyHotey


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