Trump is simply unthinkable

Donald Trump is a complete ignoramus with no understanding of American ideals and institutions, no understanding of events or of the world around him, and an appeal only to the similarly ignorant and clueless.

Most importantly, he is the antithesis of what we as a nation have historically stood for.

No. As much of an abomination as Hillary Clinton admittedly is in every imaginable way, Donald Trump is worse.  With all respect to my friends whose horror of Hillary blinds them to what Donald Trump is, they are not only wrong but so wrong that on this particular matter they cannot be taken seriously.

Trump MUST be stopped- even at the cost of four years of Hillary Clinton.

It will not be longer. Her age, her abrasiveness,  and the simple fact that American political parties do not win four presidential elections in a row will inevitably doom her to be a one-term president. Now, Trump would be a one-term president too. His disconnect with reality, his general incompetence, his arrogance, and his personal instability would doom hm.

But we can survive four years of Hillary. It is not at all clear that we, as a nation, can survive four years of Donald Trump.

It's not just that the survival of the Republican party and the conservative movement as viable institutions absolutely demand Trump's defeat.  The safety of the country does, too.


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