...And maybe one less

Tonight I'm going to be involved in a conference call with the Free the Delegates people, whose communications about the debacle at the Alt-Right Convention last week concerning the adoption of the rules have been confusing, to say the least. I hope to straighten out exactly what the deal was because they are insisting on what they first said about the RNC having cheated to prevent a roll call vote on the adoption of the rules.

I've managed to get so far that the RNC claimed that nine states had submitted petitions for a roll call- which was the number needed- but that two had withdrawn them, so the number fell short by two. Free the Delegates responds that, in fact, eleven states submitted petitions, so they had the nine states required even after the two withdrew theirs.

I still haven't figured out why the wrong date on the petitions withdrawing support for the roll call was significant, unless as a technicality. But I'll catch you up later.