California court forces Christian Mingle to cater to gays

In a bizarre and constitutionally inadmissible ruling, a California court has required Christian Mingle, a dating site for Christians, to cater to same-sex couples.

Sadly, Christian Mingle has rolled over and compromised its entire rationale by agreeing.

A service explicitly designed for Christians, and only for Christians, is being required by the State of California to open itself to cater to non-Christians and to a behavior which violates the teachings of the Christian faith.

We've reached a point where civil disobedience is becoming the only option. The government is increasingly (and unconstitutionally) hostile to the Christian faith, and we have a duty "to obey God rather than man."

Gonna be tough for soft, lazy, coddled American Christians. We've deluded ourselves about being the majority and assumed that the Federal government would serve as guarantor of our religious freedom for so long that the adjustment to having to confess the Faith to our temporal and financial loss is a tough pill to swallow.

But we have no choice.


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