Chief Dubya speech writer: Melania's gaffe last night was the staff's fault, not hers

Michael Gerson, chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush, says that from his experience he's sure that Melania Trump's apparent plagiarizing of Michelle Obama's 2008 convention speech last night was the fault of Donald Trump's staff, not of his wife.

"An error like the one Melania Trump committed last night tells us that the Trump campaign lacks seriousness and structure, which is also demonstrated by its divisive style, weak ground game, and poor fundraising numbers," Gerson said.

All of these problems have been noted in the campaign of a candidate who is used to calling the shots himself, and- incredibly- is just now getting around to hiring a campaign staff. The problem is hindered by poor fundraising.

Trump had boasted of being self-funded, and thus not beholden to anyone, throughout the primary campaign. Last night his wife may have paid the price.

One thing is certain, though: whoever is to blame, it isn't Trump. After all, he never does anything he needs to apologize for.