Doesn't ANYBODY want to win this election?

The Republican Party's nomination of a fascistic and sociopathic lightweight last week becomes all the more tragic when one considers the one telling argument supporters of Donald Trump have for their appalling candidate: abortion and the prospect of a permanently radicalized Supreme Court if he loses.

Hillary Rodham Clinton promises to make her party's abortion extremism even more radical.

It's almost as if both sides want to lose this election. The traditional- and smart- move for somebody in Donald Trump's position would have been to do everything possible to reconcile disaffected Republicans to his cause. In fact, from every indication fear of Hillary is doing just that. But Trump can't afford to rely on the Democrats' morally bankrupt position on abortion and the threat of a radicalized Supreme Court to unite the party. He ought to be as conciliatory as possible to Ted Cruz and the NeverTrump people. Instead, he's continuing his slash-and-burn attacks against voters whose support he's going to need in November. His most prominent characteristics throughout the campaign have been abrasiveness and irrationality; he seems likely to continue his bull in the China shop style right up until November 8.

Meanwhile, Trump's nomination gives the Democrats a unique opportunity. Logically, they should be doing everything in their power to attract the disaffected Republicans who cannot in conscience vote for a bizarre, unstable authoritarian like Trump. They should be softening their language on abortion and other social issues and making it as easy as possible for those people to vote for Clinton. Instead- possibly because they face their own defections from the even more radical Sanders faction- the Democratic establishment is making the difficult decision to defect to Hillary in the Fall impossible.

It's almost as if neither side wants to win this election. Both parties have embraced irrationality like lovers. If only there were some way for both parties to lose! But one or the other of these assemblages of goofs is going to win, and any way you look at it  it's going to be a very, very long four years.