Don't be too comforted by the choice of Pence

Two different media sources are reporting that Donald Trump wanted to pick New Jersey Gov. Chris ("There's The Plane, Go Home") Christie as his running mate and even tried to get out of choosing Mike Pence after the spot on the ticket was offered and accepted.

The Donald has treated Christie like a shoe-shine boy ever since the New Jersey Governor endorsed him. Perhaps he was afraid that Pence would be harder to bully. Or perhaps it's because his new running-mate had described Trump himself as "unacceptable."

Which, btw, does not say anything very complimentary about Pence agreeing to run with him. Lots of Republican principles being sold down the river this cycle, it seems. The consequence, of course, is that Mike Pence- who might have had a bright future in Republican politics otherwise- will be a political pariah for the rest of his life come November.

Senor is the founder of the Foreign Policy Initiative and a former advisor to the Romney-Ryan campaign.