I'm all for it!

Apparently, the Never Trump delegates are planning a "scorched earth" strategy at the Alt-Right National Convention next week. "The Hill" worries that they will damage "the message of Republican unity."

Good. Any such "message of Republican unity" is an outrageous lie, and the heritage of Lincoln and Reagan, if it's going down, should go down fighting.

I'm in favor of anything that can be done to show the nation that Donald Trump does NOT speak for a majority of the nation's Republicans- or, in my case, former ones.

ADDENDUM: Somebody on Twitter has suggested that delegates opposed to Trump simply abstain in order to deny him his 1,237 votes. I know that according to Parliamentary law abstentions go with the majority on "yes" or "no" votes. But I wonder how that works in balloting at a convention. Anyone know?


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