Interesting point

The FBI's findings with regard to Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified material pronounced her guilty of every single statutory requirement to be charged with a felony.

Yet it recommended that she not be charged because she did not intend to harm the United States- something which the statute does not require for a person to be guilty of that felony.

Let there be no doubt whatsoever: Hillary Clinton was given a pass. The law says that she should be headed to the Big House rather than the White House.

No doubt the Democrats will continue to crow that the FBI decision amounts to vindication, which it doesn't even come close to doing. If anything, its findings of fact prove her guilty of every single allegation. And whether she's charged or not, standard procedure given those findings would be that she be barred from receiving briefings in which classified information is divulged. She has proven that she can't be trusted with it.

And in case there's anyone who hasn't noticed, she's seeking a job which sort of requires that she work with classified material. Unfortunately, the alternative occupant of that position is even less to be trusted with classified material than she is.

And as I've said before, one of the worst results of the presumptive nomination of Donald Trump is that Hillary Clinton can't be held accountable for anything by the voters, since Trump is an even more frightening choice than she is.

ADDENDUM: I rather enjoyed this cartoon commentary on the FBI decision:


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