Meanwhile, a bit of misdirection that still does the electorate a service

You have to hand it to Hillary. Just as news of her damning non-indictment hit the airwaves, she held a press conference in front of one of Donald Trump's failed casinos to talk about his disastrous career as a businessman that he's managed to con so many into thinking has been a glorious success.

Give the lady a listen. After all, the steaks are high.

Also "greasy" and "sub-par," according to two culinary reviewers. And extremely rare. As in non-existent, because Trump Steaks- like so many other Trump enterprises- went belly up.

So grab a tumbler of Trump Vodka, Trumpsters. Oh, wait...

ADDENDUM: In fairness, the meme to the right does contain one but of inaccurate information.

Trump has filed for bankruptcy six times, not four.