No, the convention is NOT united behind Il Duce!

Ballotpedia has done a  survey of delegates to the 2016 Nuremberg Rally Republican Convention and made some interesting discoveries about the delegates.

Nearly 30% if them- including half of the delegates not pledged to him- have reservations about Trump. And 10% say that while they will be voting for the rest of the Republican ticket, they will not be voting for Trump and Pence.

Add that to a candidate who barely has a staff,  is running out of money, and doesn't see the necessity of a "ground game" because he's so awesome, and you have a campaign in trouble- even before you get to that 70% negative rating from the voters (Hillary's is 55% negative).

At least Trump can take comfort in the knowledge that a greater percentage of the delegates plan to vote for him than of the rank-and-file. I suspect the percentage of the latter who are planning to stay home or vote for somebody else is by now lower than the 30% who expressed that intention back during the primaries. But with all the problems the Trump candidacy has, he can't afford his continuing unpopularity with his own party.


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