Obama's legacy: a more dangerous world

While I think her characterization of Jimmy Carter as "feeble-minded" is not only harsh but absurd- Mr. Carter's ineptitude and bizarre outlook on the world don't change the fact that he is an extraordinarily intelligent man- the question Shia Altman poses in The Times of Israel is a good one, which the American media had rather not acknowledge, especially honestly: "World, are you better off than you were eight years ago?"

Barack Obama's failed presidency may not have failed as spectacularly as Mr. Carter's- after all, he managed to get re-elected and with some help from the nation's horror at its choice of his potential successors has a popularity rating still hovering around the 50% point in the polls- he will be remembered by history as America's first African-American president, as the president who talked Congress and the Supreme Court into OKing a failed national medical insurance plan- and for not much else.

Oh, yes. He was president when a golden opportunity to kill Osama bin Laden arose, and during a sluggish and feeble recovery from the second-greatest financial disaster in American history which his policies did little to foster.

Altman's summary of Mr. Obama's foreign policy legacy:

President Reagan...once said, “The Democrats had gone so far left they left the country.” Sheesh, if The Gipper could see them now! They haven’t just left the country, they’ve left the planet!

We have been witness to a president and his in-lockstep party that is in full world stage retreat. And because of it, the planet has suffered. There is unabated chaos.

Complete and absolute, bloody chaos.

Sadly- absurdly- the Republican presidential nominee-to-be, Donald Trump, promises only an accelerated retreat. One of the many ironies of this most bizarre of election years is that for everything that is wrong with Hillary Clinton, she is decisively to the right of isolationist Trump in terms of foreign policy!

HT: Real Clear World


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