So what does the co-author of The Art of the Deal think of the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president?

He's "terrified." In fact, Tony Schwartz says that if Trump gets the nuclear codes he fears the end of civilization.

“This is a man who has more sociopathic tendencies than any candidate in my adult life that I’ve observed,” he says.

But possibly the scariest thing in the article linked to above is Trump's reaction to what Schwartz had to say. Check out the last paragraph.

How did Trump react? The way he alway does to criticism or opposition. He reacted with a thinly veiled threat.

Donald Trump is a bully at heart. We dare not give him power.

We dare not.

ADDENDUM: Predictably, Trump has reacted to Schwartz's statements the same way he always reacts to criticism or opposition.

He threatened him.

He has also had his lawyer send Schwartz a cease-and-desist letter and demanded that he pay back his Art of the Deal royalties!

The guy is so damned predictable it's depressing. Donald Trump is emotionally an eight-year-old schoolyard bully.


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