The man simply babbles

Donald Trump tells Bill O'Reilly that we need to be taking in Syrian refugees here in the United States, for humanitarian reasons.

And he's worried about Mexicans? Hello, Donald! ISIS. Ever hear of them? You want to ban Muslims from entering the United States one moment and want to accept Syrian refugees- most of whom would presumably be Muslims- the next?

Donald, do you ever stop and think, even for a moment, about what's going to come out of your mouth next? This is the guy who tried to turn his lack of coherence into a virtue on the ground that it's a good thing for our enemies to find the president unpredictable!

This man cannot become president of the United States.
Not only does he publicly espouse a foreign policy which would amount to abandoning the world and a trade policy that would utterly ruin our economy, but there is no guarantee that at any given moment what he says or does would jibe in any way whatsoever with what he said or did five minutes earlier.

The man simply babbles. I get the anger thing. But I find it hard to understand how anybody can fail do see what a danger to our national security this man's election would be. It's not for noting that, as I've mentioned before, a leading geopolitical analysis firm lists his potential election as one of its top ten threats to world peace!

It should be said that in terms of foreign policy and the military Hillary Clinton is well to the right not only of President Obama but of Trump. If it weren't for the Supreme Court and abortion and the role she'd play in the continuing deterioration of sexual mores and gender roles, I'd be sorely tempted to vote for her in self-defense!

Again, I cannot and do not believe that Donald Trump has any real chance of winning in November. But God help us- and the world- if he does. You might as well elect a five-year-old.


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