Trump refuses to fire plagiarizing speechwriter

The speechwriter who plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech outed herself and offered to resign.

Trump refused her resignation because she's been so valuable to him over the years.

While this shows commendable loyalty, it also shows incompetence as a manager and illustrates one of the reasons why Trump will not only lose in November but should: a simple, plain, old-fashioned lack of judgment. Not only does Trump refuse to be accountable, but he refuses to hold his staff accountable, either.

Remember, this is the guy who doesn't think he needs to hire a staff or build a ground game because he thinks he's going to win because of his sheer awesomeness.

There is nothing in his history or in his present behavior that gives the slightest evidence that this ignorant, unstable, narcissistic and incompetent man is capable of functioning even minimally as president of the United States.

He's a national embarrassment. The world is laughing at us. And if he can run neither a successful company nor a campaign,  how can he run the country?


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