Trump to Cruz: 'I wouldn't accept your stupid endorsement anyway. So there. Nahhhhh!'

Anybody else think it's strange that the Trumpmeister should announce that he won't accept an endorsement Ted Cruz isn't going to offer? That's childish even for Il Duce. How exactly does one "accept" an endorsement? And did he stick his tongue out after saying it? Seems to me that this all-too-typical instance of sour grapes is just another example of what anybody who's been paying attention should have realized months ago: that Donald Trump is too emotionally immature to be trusted with any kind of power. The man is a public embarassment to America just as a candidate!

And I wonder how he'll react to the mother of the American ambassador who was killed in the Benghazi attack, Chris Stevens, asking him to stop the "opportunistic and cynical" use of her son's name. Will he threaten her?