Trump's kakistocracy and Hillary's cacklocracy

Jonah Goldberg broke out an interesting word to describe the ideology of Trump supporters: kakistocracy. The word derives from κακός, the Greek word for "bad."  According to an article Goldberg links to, Lowell defined it as "government by knaves at the cost of fools."

Pretty apt, in the unlikely event that Little Donnie is elected. The word could be also rendered, "government by the worst of men." Contrast this with "cacklocracy," which would be government by hens, crows, the Wicked Witch of the West, or Hillary Clinton.

And if after his defeat by the Cacklcrats sane and decent Republicans retake the Republican party, Trump and the Klansmen, Nazis and tinfoil-hat types who form the core of his support could always use the name "Kakistocratic party' for any third party they might found to carry on the fight.


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