As Donald Trump implodes...

A good article on how Donald the Unstable is throwing everything he ever stood for and everybody who ever supported him under the bus in a desperate attempt to save what he knows deep down is a doomed presidential candidacy.

As the author observes, by the time the next election rolls around people will remember him as the guy who made Hillary inevitable. Within a year of the inauguration of Hillary's Republican successor in 2021, he will basically be forgotten except as the brunt of an occasional joke among political geeks.

In the last analysis, Donald Trump is for Donald Trump. He is the only thing he really stands for. And as the article says, his coming descent into punchline status and from thence to obscurity will be the worst possible fate for a narcissist like The Donald.

It would have been far, far better for all of us if he had never run. And that includes The Donald himself.