C'MON, people! Wake up! Trump 'jokes' that Hillary should be assassinated!

Today Donald Trump "joked" that if Hillary Clinton is elected perhaps she should be assassinated.

It's time to accept that the man just can't help himself. There will be no 'pivot.' There will be no change.

This is the man whom you may be planning to help get the nuclear codes into his hands.

It's not enough to say that the "joke" isn't funny. This goes way beyond anything any decent or thoughtful person could possibly tolerate.

The man is stone crazy. Nuts. Bonkers. A threat to others- and even to himself, insofar as his regular habit of saying things which make his election increasingly implausible stems from an obvious inability to stop himself from saying stuff like this.

NOBODY should be able to vote for Trump after this.

There is a movement on to summon a meeting of the Republican National Committee for the purpose of replacing Trump as the nominee. If it fails- as I assume it will- then no reasonable person ( a category which for me includes people who do not favor the continued slaughter of the unborn or the virtual removal of freedom of religion from the Bill of Rights) will have any electoral option left but Evan McMullin.

Yes, I know he's missed the ballot deadline in a great many important states. Yes, I know he's virtually running a write-in campaign in many states, and seven states don't allow write-in votes for president (though if he files suit quickly enough there's virtually no chance that such a prohibition could withstand a court test).  But given a choice between two sociopaths, what else can a sane person do?


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