I'm speechless. Trump performs that miracle regularly.

But this time...

The Donald, who has campaigned on reducing the deficit. now wants to increase it.

Yes, that's what I said. "This," he says, "is the time to borrow."

Now Trump, whose alleged business acumen has been his major selling point, is, in fact, a lousy businessman, having taken firms into bankruptcy six times and having failed in the steak, vodka, and various other businesses- including even the casino business. That said, I'm not sure which is scarier: the idea that he's erratic enough to actually mean that we should be increasing the national debt which he has been rightly saying lo these many months must be reduced,  or that he doesn't see the contradiction.

I continue to be puzzled as to how anyone who is not willfully trying to ignore reality can miss the point that this guy is a boob.

I can't see how anyone not on antipsychotics can favor the election of a president who doesn't see the connection between borrowing money and owing it, and who wonders what use it is that we have nuclear weapons if we don't use them.

Of course, one thing can be said in Trump's defense. As in the case with the workers- many of them illegal immigrants, btw-  who built Trump Tower, whom he refused to pay, the dozens of small businessmen he's contracted with and then stiffed, forcing them to accept pennies on the dollar, and even that team of cheerleaders he hired for that televised rally and then refused to pay for, maybe Trump really doesn't understand the concept of debt.