Inside the bizarre minds of Trump supporters

A remarkable characteristic of Trump supporters is their ability to simply ignore reality. Trump's erratic personality, his record of fraud and dishonesty, his non-stop lying, his bizarre, destructive and often incoherent policies, and his non-existent prospects of ever actually being elected president have all been not only denied but utterly ignored by his followers ever since he declared his candidacy.

But Jim Geraghty of National Review now points out just how deeply this break with reality truly runs. When asked what metric Trump supporters would believe that might lead them to the conclusion that their candidate is in trouble, the answer seems t basically to be "none." Polls are either "skewed" or "meaningless at this time." Trump even recently expressed his bizarre fear that the election itself may be somehow "rigged!" He said this in Ohio- a crucial swing state to be sure, but one whose governor is a Republican!

You can rig the results in a certain critical state, to be sure. Maybe even several crucial states. Charges that Chicago's returns were doctored to elect John F. Kennedy in 1960 or- less plausibly- that Florida's were somehow doctored to elect George W. Bush in 2000  (if anything, the evidence suggests the opposite) and even less credibly that Ohio was stolen  for Bush in 2004 are a part of our national folklore. But why would Trump think such a thing this time out- especially when so many of the critical "swing states" have Republican governors?

So profound is the Trump's own  disconnect from reality that John Harwood tweets that Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign manager,  is "not challenging Trump anymore. Mailing it in. Staff suicidal.”

I guess in one sense all this is comforting. When the deplorable Hillary Clinton and the Abortocrats win this November, Trump and his cult have an excuse all ready. Their consistency is comforting in a universe which often seems to be unpredictable.

The only disturbing thing is that they will believe it.