Iowa professor worries that the school's mascot will scare students

Leftists are often so ridiculous that simply writing about what they do and say comes off as satire. Well, a professor at the University of Iowa has done it once again.

He's worried that the school's mascot, Herky, is too scary for Iowa's students, poor babies.

In addition to tiny Concordia University Chicago, my alma mater, I have always had several favorite college teams. Being from Chicago Northwestern, Northern Illinois, and Illinois have always been my primary collegiate favorites. I also have several secondary teams for whom I have a soft spot in my heart- Oklahoma and Navy come to mind- and when I moved to Iowa I was fully willing to accord the Hawkeyes a place among them.

That lasted a matter of hours. The first night after I moved into the state a football game between Iowa and Illinois was on the TV. It was announced by the late beloved and... um, colorful... Jim Zabel.

Now, I have nothing against "homers," having grown up watching Jack Brickhouse broadcast the Cubs' games and listening to him announce the Bears' games on the radio. But Zabel was so incredibly obnoxious that after that game Iowa became one of my least favorite teams. After that, my primary major college teams were Northwestern, Northern Illinois, Illinois- and the Hawkeyes' in-state rival, Iowa State.

The Hawkeyes frequently play all of them, and Herky doesn't frighten me in the slightest. I would suggest that if he frightens the students of the college he represents, they probably belong in an entirely different kind of institution.