It now looks like Hillary will be elected- and unable to get her Supreme Court nominees confirmed

With Pennsylvania moving ever more surely into Hillary's camp (where one may note I've always insisted it would inevitably end up), Larry Sabato now has a total of 269 electoral votes rated as "safely Democratic."

270 are needed to win.

Start calling Hillary "President-elect Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Better news: with the exception of Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, GOP Senate candidates seem to be in good shape. Realistically the best of possible worlds for the Republican future: Trump is defeated, the temporary takeover of the party by the Know-Nothing wing ends, and Hillary's Supreme Court nominees will either be consistently Borked over the next four years or Republican senators are a great deal stupider than I think they are.

In a few short months, Trump and his supporters will be discredited, his movement on the ash heap of history- and (again with the caveat that this only holds true if the Senate majority has a minimal number of members bent on political suicide) this will likely take place without the one possibility which has provided rational people with any inclination with a reason to vote for Trump not coming to pass after all.


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