It's good not to be disenfranchised anymore!

Came home fairly exhausted last night after gathering signatures on a petition to get Evan McMullin on the ballot in Iowa. Kate Jones led the drive.  It was an intense three days. 1,500 signatures were needed. This afternoon Kate filed 2,800!

It was a fascinating experience. When people heard that we were trying to get a third option on the ballot besides Trump and Hillary at times they were so eager to sign that they almost snatched the pens out of our hands. When people overhead me talking to others they actually came up to me and asked it if was OK if they signed, too! Several people who were in too big a hurry to stop said over their shoulders, "This is an important thing you're doing. Thank you!"

When people heard Evan's resume- that whereas previously we had been faced with the choice of a woman who left national secrets on a private server for our country's enemies to snatch and an unstable, bizarre, and generally ignorant man whose uninformed isolationist foreign policy puts our national security at risk we now had a candidate who has spent his career fighting ISIS and al Quaeda in the field- they were delighted.

The Minnesota filing deadline is next week, There, Evan is the candidate of the Independence Party. All the talk about ballot deadlines to the contrary we are still in the hunt to get on the ballot one way or another in every state- often on the unused or underused lines of minor parties already on the ballot.

I'm impressed with and very proud of my fellow volunteers, and thankful to Deputy Campaign ManagerJohn Claybrook. who came up from Texas to help, and to Kate and her husband Dylan, whose hard work and insight have put me in awe. Also, of course, to Evan McMullin, who in the hour of his country's peril once again stood up on her behalf when so many others would not.

Next step: 15% in the polls and the debates. If Even gets that far, he will utterly cream both Trump and Hillary in them. Being the only one on the stage who knows what he's talking about and is willing to level with the American people about it is a huge advantage.

So barring some really fishy shenanigans, we're on the ballot in Iowa. Now, America, it's up to you. You no longer have an excuse for choosing between the two disasters the major parties have given you.

There is now another, far better option.


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