Like, wow! Your nose is like a red lightbulb, dude!

Santa may have some navigational problems this year.

It seems that Norwegian reindeer have taken to doing 'shrooms. The hallucinogenic fungi are causing the critters to behave in bizarre ways,  losing their fear of automobiles and people and prancing, capering, and almost dancing on the roads.

With typical Scandahoovian understatement, Per Magne Moan, who drives through the affected area quite often, observes, “The reindeer have been behaving differently than otherwise in the year."

No reports of anybody's grandma being run over by one, though.

Meanwhile, in a probably unrelated development, 323 Norwegian reindeer have been killed in a single lightning strike in a Norwegian national park.  No, God wasn't angry at the reindeer for doing drugs. Apparently, they standing together in a relatively small area, lightning struck the ground, and the ground water conducted the electricity through the feet of the poor things.

HT: FiveThirtyEight


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