Reality is NOT 'skewed,' Donald: the November massacre takes shape

Hillary Clinton has jumped out to a ten-to-fifteen percent lead in recent polls after Little Donnie insulted the parents of a dead war hero and generally spent a week being Donald Trump more obnoxiously than usual.

Loose cannons like the Donald self-destruct sooner or later. And now that the Fall campaign has begun and people are seriously paying attention, he's stopped being refreshing or entertaining or whatever he was and become downright scary.

Then, too, there's the fact that the tinfoil hat Alt-Right crowd that is Trump's natural constituency is a far smaller percentage of the electorate as a whole than it is of Republican primary participants. Events are unpredictable and it's certainly possible that Il Duce may close the gap from time to time. But a fifteen percent deficit is a Goldwater/McGovern-sized gap.  It's not going to be pretty. Nor to I expect it to be much more competitive  as the Cheeto Bandito continues to stick both feet in his mouth.

Even though I'm a registered independent now, I feel a little like I imagine a decent and patriotic German must have felt like during World War II. The devastating defeat has to happen. It's unthinkable that it should not happen. The retaking of the Republican party is something that must be done. The coming purges are as necessary as an operation to remove a cancer.  But it's hard to watch, the consequences are going to be horrible, and I wish it was over.